A New Perspective
in Vital Signs Monitoring

By finding the peak to peak differences in pulse waves with our piezoelectric sensor module and processing with our scientifically approved methods and algorithm, measuring blood pressure and other vital signs without the noisy and uncomfortable pressurizing bag.

New Application
of a Mature Technology

Where Did That Sound Come From?

Have you ever wondered where did the beeping sound coming from each time you turn on a computer? The beep is coming from a piezoelectric, a tiny thin piece of circular electronic component made of sheet metal with a smaller ceramic layer on top of it.

In fact, piezoelectric is a simple, low cost, yet very useful component that is not only capable of making beeping sounds for computers, but also making and receiving high-definition sounds due to its highly sensitive nature. Thus, piezoelectric also often seen in audio equipment such as majority of microphones and many tweeter speakers in modern day stereo systems.

How Does It Work?

When a voltage applies to a piezoelectric, the two layers bend because of the difference in material characteristics. As the applied voltage changes in time, the piezoelectric changes from bent to relaxed and repeat accordingly, and the constant deformation becomes a vibration. Then, these vibration results sound waves or music as the deformation of the piezoelectric moves the air around it.

When an exterior pressure or sound wave resonance applied onto a piezoelectric, the metal and ceramic layers also dislocate differently, and the contraction creates a low voltage signal output. Therefore, the piezoelectric can be used as a transmitter or a receiver.

The New Application

Since we knew the wrist skin moves as each pulse goes through the radial artery underneath the skin, and the piezoelectric receives vibrations well, we utilize these characteristics by using it as a stethoscope to monitor the movement of radial artery.

By designing a sensor module that contain two set of piezoelectric placed in a fixed distance to each other,
the sensor module is able to not only hear the blood flow, but also how long each pulse takes from the first piezoelectric to the second.

Then, import the reading into our specialized algorithm based on the Moens- Korteweg-Equation, and result an accurate blood pressure reading without the need of calibration.